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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

P6 - Mr. J Lagan

Welcome to Primary 6

My name is Mr Lagan and I am the class teacher for Primary 6. Our classroom assistants this year are Ms. McGrath and Mrs. O’Hanlon. We are delighted to have 19 kind, talented and respectful children in our class.

In P6 children will have the opportunity to work together and independently on many activities linked to the NI Curriculum. Children will develop many thinking skills and personal capabilities which they will be able to use both inside and outside of school.    

In Literacy P6 will be reading a variety of fantastic novels linked to our World Around Us and PDMU topics. Children will complete an array of writing and comprehensions as well as exploring a variety of different types of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

In Numeracy P6 will cover a wide variety of mathematics comprising of all the different strands on the NI Curriculum: Number, Measures, Shape and Space and Data Handling. These will be explored in a variety of ways using ICT and practical mathematics wherever possible.

The topics for P6 are called Unsinkable (The Titanic), Wind, Raiders and Traders (The Vikings/Fair Trade), Flight and Impact: Forests and Rainforests.    

Primary 6 will have two PE sessions with one of those being swimming lessons. Swimming lessons will take place on a Tuesday afternoon and the other school based PE lesson will be on a Thursday afternoon.

Each evening children will have Literacy, Numeracy, Spellings, Times Tables and AR tasks to complete. Homework should be returned to school every day to be marked. Weekly homework outlines will be shared on Google Classroom. This platform will also be used as a link between the classroom and home. If you are unable to access this, then please contact the school as it will be important for information from school to be shared. 

We look forward to an exciting year ahead.



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