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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

JIGSAW - Mrs. F Curran

Welcome to Jigsaw! In Jigsaw, we have 6 wonderful pupils along with Mrs Curran and Ms Barr.

Jigsaw, which is located in one of our mobile classrooms, is a safe place in school where children can learn, develop and grow based on their individual needs as well as allowing children to flourish emotionally. Children attend Jigsaw daily Monday-Thursday and return to their own class each Friday. However, they begin each morning in their own class and continue to take part in all school activities with their class. Children can attend Jigsaw for 2-4 terms and on successful completion, have their own graduation ceremony.

Jigsaw, a classroom within the school, is set up just like a home, with a living area, kitchen and dining area. A workspace area is also provided, where academic learning takes place. In Jigsaw we have a set routine which allows children to know what they are doing each day.

In Jigsaw, children have the chance to develop lots of skills to help with their learning and daily life. Our main focus is on managing feelings and emotions using lots of different strategies to help children understand and moderate their emotions as well as social aspects such as making friends, taking turns and having conversations with others, especially during our daily breakfast session.

During the year, we will focus on the development of fine and gross motor skills, feelings and the emotional curriculum, social skills, circle time, relax kids, tabletop games, outdoor play/learning and baking. We also explore the local area in our Out and About days to build on their experiences.

Our daily Literacy sessions focus on spelling, phonics, word building, sentence to picture matching, comprehension, sentence writing, reading and sight vocabulary. Our daily Numeracy sessions have a practical aspect to help embed learning with the focus on place value within 10-100, addition and subtraction within 20-100, multiplication and division, fractions, shape, position and direction, money, time, length, height, weight and volume. We develop mental recall using fun mathematical games on the Interactive Whiteboard.

We host parent sessions each half-term, allowing parents and children to come together to strengthen relationships between home and school. These sessions provide a positive experience for parents, pupils and staff.